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2020 North Carolina Azalea Festival Boxing Applications

April 04-05, 2020

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Update:   We regret to report that the 2020 NC Azalea Festival has been canceled due to Covid-19.  We have already been in touch with those who registered online.  We look forward to planning additional events later this year. 

Please refer to https://ncazaleafestival.org/covid-19-73rd-north-carolina-azalea-festival-canceled/ for more information. 


2021 North Carolina Azalea Festival's

43rd Annual Boxing Tournament


1st Master Tournament

Sponsored by the North Carolina Azalea Festival at Wilmington, Inc

and Friends of Boxing, Inc. 

Friday, April 9 - Sunday, April 11, 2021

With Special Guest
2021    North Carolina Azalea Festival Queen

Championship Belts

Free Admission

Event Details:

Sanction Number: 20-13-45789
2020 North Carolina Azalea Festival Boxing Tournament is held under the sanction of North Carolina USA Boxing Inc.

Date: April 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2021   

Host: Wilmington, North Carolina

Host Hotels: Sleep 5225 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405 Rate: $99.00 (910-313-6665)
                     MainStay Suites 5229 Market St. Rate 109.00 (910-392-1741)
                     Baymont By Wyndham 4926 Market St. $72.00 (910-791-8850)

Registration Site: Academy Sports, 5309 Gingerwood Ave, Wilmington, NC 28405

Boxing Venue: Convention Center, 515 Nutt St. Wilmington, NC 28401

Contacts: Coach Andre Thompson: (910) 622-5382, E-mail: andre.thompson@live.com
                  Brook Bower: (910) 742-0382 , bower.brook@gmail.com
                  Jamie Lynn Miller: jamielynnmillerthefirst@gmail.com

Entry Procedure: Must Pre-register on line with NC Azalea Festival Website. Entry Fee $10.00 before or on April 8, 2021

Online Entry Deadline: April 8, 2021.  All online application & roster must be turn in by April 8, 2021

Online Registration: Log on to NC Azalea Festival Website. Online will close April 8, 2021, Boxers can also logon USA Boxing Website, & NC Azalea Festival Website, or Ringside, Inc. Website  

Confirmation: All boxers name, age & number of bouts need to be text, email or call into Coach Andre.

Walk in/Paper Registration: $20 Entry Fee Friday April 9 at 5p-8p.  Need to be early enough to be in draw.

Arrival Date, & General Weight In, Friday April 9, 5pm-8pm at Sleep Inn  

Registration: 5pm-8pm Friday Night  at Academy Sport (All Boxers must Weigh-in on Friday To Be Place In Draw)
rawing: 9pm after Registration, Official Weigh-in 8am-9am on Saturday Morning

Event Day/Dates & Start Time: Saturday April 9 at 2:00pm & Sunday April 10at 2:00pm

Weigh-In: Sunday 8:00am  to 9:00am at Hotel

NO registration on Saturday or Sunday! Boxers need to weigh in on Friday to be in the draw.

Classifications of Boxer:

Novice: Less than 10 Bouts,  Open: More than 10 Bouts (Boxer can box in the open division with five bouts)

Youth /Men 17-18 & 19-40: 108,114,123,132,141,152,165,178,201,201+       (Three 3minute Rds.)

Youth /Women 17-18  & 19-40: 106,112,119,125,132,141,152,165,178,178+ (Three 3minutes Rds.)

Junior Men 15-16: 101,106,110,114,119,125,132,138,145,154,165,176, 176+

Junior Female 15-16: 106,110,114, 119,125,132,138, 145, 154,165,176, 176+

Intermediate Boys & Girls 13-14: 101,106,110,114,119,125,132,138,145,154,165,176, 176+

                                           11-12: 60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95.101.106,110,114,119,125,132,138,145,154,165,176,176+.

                                          9-10: 50,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,101106,110,114,119,125,132,138,145,154,165,178)

                                        8: must turn 8 by April 9, 2021

Master Division: 35-UP: 101-108, 114, 123, 132, 141, 152, 165, 178, 201, 201+


Important Information

  • All athlete & coaches must have passbook. For boxers 2021 sticker & physical & red book for coaches with 2021 sticker.
  • All Boxers must have Annual Year Physical Form attach Passbook.
  • You can’t use the register profile (paper-work) in place of your passbook. All boxers must have a passbook before they enter the ring.     
  • Boxer must go online to preregister before April 8, 2021: Please text/call 910-622-5382 or email: andre.thompson@live.com to confirm registration.        
  • If Boxer misses online registration, they can due walk-in registration-5p-8p. $20 entry fee.
  • Boxer & Clubs must also call, email, & text boxer’s roster in to Coach Andre Thompson 910-622-5382 or email andre.thompson@live.com for confirmation.
  • Must commit weight on Friday night registration.
  • All boxers will Weigh-in on Friday night.
  • Boxers must commit to one (1) weight class at tournament registration (General Check in) Weights are final.
  • No weight allowance. All boxers must be on weight.
  • Registration & General Weight-in will be from 5pm-8pm on Friday Night. All Boxers must Weigh- In on Friday Night To Be Place in Draw.
  • Official Weigh-in Saturday Morning 8am-9am
  • 18 years olds can elect to go up to 19 Elite Division.
  • Awards will be giving out on Sunday with exception some awards will be giving out on Saturday.
  • Scales will close promptly at 8pm.
  • Age determination is based on the boxer’s age as of April 9, 2021 & Date of Birth.
  • You must provide your own Headgear, Cup, & Equipment for boxer & corner.
  • Championship Belts will go to 1st place Winner and medals or trophies will go to runner up.
  • All Boxers must have passbook & up-to-date 20 Sticker.
  • NC Boxers & Coaches need to be current register before April 9, 2021.
  • Please print receipt page & Confirmation Number.
  • All boxers must be current register with USA Boxing.
  • Mrs. Linda Williams will not being doing registration at event.
  • Coaches & Clubs can now register their boxers under one club.
  • All coaches must have Red Book! Passbook must show up-to-date clinic or pass clinic.
  • Length of RDS: Male & Elite & Senior (18-40) 3-3 Minute Rd, Youth (15-16) 3-2 Minute Rds (17-18)3 -3 Minutes Rds
  • All Females age 17-& up 3 3 minutes rds.
  • Age will be determined by Date of Birth.
  • A Trail Scale will be available.
  • Hand-wraps or Gauze can be used for competition.     

Directions to Hotels:

From: (HWY I-40) Take 40 East into Wilmington, look to your left & you will see Corning Company on your left. You will be coming in on South College Rd & coming up on a Bridge. Slow Down on top of bridge & turn right at Sign HWY 17, coming off the bridge you will turn left & hotel will be on your Right. (Sleep Inn )

From: (HWY 74-76) Take 74 East into Wilmington & Crossover bridge & make a left turn off the bridge onto 3rd St. Burger King will be in front of you on your left. Make left turn at Burger King and keep traveling down 3rd & make a right turn Market St. Stay in your right lane & travel down Market St. & hotel will be on your left.

From: (421) & all other direction you will follow the same direction at from above.